Discover, plan, fund, make it happen.

Collect money with your friends for any occasion!

Whether you’re dividing the cost of a gift, crowdfunding a cause, or planning an event, Pitchn lets you discover, plan, cost split, and collect money in one simple and secure place.

Use Pitchn For All Occasions


Plan anything from a group hangout to a weekend getaway – and split the cost to pay for it. We’ll help you with RSVPs, cost splitting, money transfers, and group discussions so that you can make your event happen.

Group Gifts

Pitching in for a group gift? Divide the cost and collect money from your friends, colleagues, or family members easily and securely.


Create a campaign and start collecting donations for a cause you believe in. *Unlike other crowdfunding tools, we don’t take a cut of the donations.

*4% credit card transaction fee applies, E-transfers are free!

Key Features


Pitchn has a library of activity guides and past user events to help plan your next group outing or fundraiser. From local brewery crawls to raising money for Grandma’s birthday gift, discover what you can do with Pitchn!


Re-create a user event or plan your own! Provide us with details like date, time, RSVP deadline, location, guestlist, and cost and we’ll look after email invitations, RSVPs, cost splitting, and follow-ups.

Event Page

An event page specifically for your occasion will be created. Here you’ll find all the information you and your friends will need for the event.

RSVP Follow Up

No one likes nagging for RSVPs. Leave it up to us to do the follow up for you! Set a RSVP deadline and we’ll send email reminders to those who haven’t replied so that you can get a final headcount for your outing.

Cost Splitting

We do the math for you! Based on the number of attendees and if your minimum group size is reached, Pitchn will split the event cost evenly. If your event has a cost per person that won’t change based on the number of attendees, you can opt to price per individual.

My Wallet

Each user will have a wallet with two event payment options: Credit Card payment using Stripe (4% fee) or free E-transfers. The money from each attendee will be transferred to the event creator once the RSVP deadline and minimum group size is reached.

Pitchn has been a great tool for me as an event planner especially for our larger groups. We’re able to secure and book well advance deeply discounted tickets to the ski hills as payment is only charged when our full squad has committed. It also makes it much less nerve wrecking as the event planner not having to put in all the money up front and follow up for money after like some strange loan shark haha. The ability to share the discount with others outside of the group and team with others is a feature I hope to utilize more in the future! Their dev team is also constantly improving the app and I’ve honestly never seen an app take our feedback and respond so promptly – and with that mentality I’m excited to see what new tools they think of as it evolves
Steven Lin
Steven Lin
Calgary, AB
I used Pitchn to crowdfund a cabin rental plan with friends that me and my friends planned every year but never managed to organize. Pitchn tool made it very simple and risk free to plan the event, remind people and collect the funds.
Yousef Nabil
Yousef Nabil
Montreal, QC

Plan the Event

Organizer creates the idea or plan and sets the itinerary, price, group size, plan date for the group to see

Invite you Friends

Invite your friends to participate and share the link in social media or via email txt etc.

Have some Fun!

Group members participate and if min. group size is reached once RSVP date is reached the money is collected from the group and sent to the organizer.

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How long does it take for Pitchn to receive our deposits and update our wallet balance?
Almost immediately so long as there are no system delays with Interact or Stripes.
If you don’t see your wallet balance updated immediately, we ask that you wait 1 hour for any updates to be made before contacting customer service.
How long does it take for the funds to be deposited in the organizer’s bank account after a successful RSVP?
The funds can take up to 24 hours – however they are usually transferred in a shorter time frame.
If you want to withdraw funds from your wallet, the same timeframe applies. Keep this in mind when setting your RSVP deadline so that you can transfer the funds to pay for your event in time.
Are there any restrictions as to what kind of event or plans I can organize?
You can use Pitchn to plan for anything! From houseboating in the Okanagan, to renting
a soccer field, to raising money for Grandma’s birthday present. Our software is intended to make it risk free and easy for the organizer and attendees.
Is it safe to use Pitchn?
Yes! Pitchn uses Stripe for credit card payments
and Interac e-transfers payments – both of which are top certified providers.
Is there a cost to using Pitchn?
Our software is free to use! The only fees you’ll see are if you fund your wallet via credit card (4% transaction fee).
 If you use Interact e-transfer to fund your wallet – it’s free.
Can I make money on Pitchn?
We’re currently working on a way for Influencers to generate money when using our platform.
We’ll be sharing the details on Instagram and our newsletter so make sure you follow us and subscribe!
What countries can I use Pitchn in?
Currently we operate in Canada only, with plans to expand to the US.


Discover fun group activities or plan your own!

We make group planning easy so that you can focus on getting excited! With Pitchn, you’ll have all of the tools and technology you need to plan your next group outing in a single, easy-to-use event management platform.